Sell on WeChat with cross-border payment and customer support plans

What is China Cross-Border eCommerce (CCBeC)

Cross-border eCommerce trading has grown exponentially due to high demand from Chinese consumers seeking high quality products from overseas in recent years. In the past, such cross-border trade was done through individuals as "Daiguo" (purchase on behave of Chinese customers) and they operated the business as parallel import, which is a grey area to conduct business. But in early 2019 under a new eCommerce Law issued by China government, Daiguo business is considered illegal if they do not comply with all the eCommerce regulation and requirement. 

Our WeChat cross-border eComm services are fully comply with China government and custom regulation, from product registration to complete the order, our system integrate directly with China cross-border eComerce system, so that you can ensure your products are sold in China with 100% legitimacy. 

Launch China cross-border e-Shop on WeChat with simple plans

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Brand Zone on eMall

List and sell your products on our WeChat e-Mall. Ideal for startup brands for a quick launch of their brand zone. Each product will be attached an unique QR code for easy viral marketing. Just send us your product listing details and we take care of the rest.

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Brand eShop

Launch your own branded WeChat e-Store and enjoy all e-Store management and marketing features such as inventory management, user review, coupon and group-buy marketing, and more! Just send us your product listing details and we take care of the rest.

Scan the QR code to see a demo WeChat e-Store:

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No WeChat account? Apply one

WeChat is the most popular social app that is used by more than 80% of Chinese popular and companies. It is more than just a chatting app - it combines chat function, company brand page, community, and many more marketing functions. It is now a must-have digital asset for overseas brands or business when you want to promote to China or sell to China on cross-border eCommerce platform.

In the past, only Chinese-registered legal entity could apply for a WeChat service account. But now you could also apply your own business WeChat service account by using your own legal business entity. Its' called "Overseas WeChat Service Account". The account will be 100% owned by you.  Just provide us your registered business or company information in your own countries*, and we can take care of the rest. Learn more about Overseas WeChat Service Account >>


* Subject to countries where Tencent has allowed the applications for overseas WeChat service accounts