China digital marketing and business consulting

Understand China, know your targets, and win the business

Our consulting scopes cover end-to-end marketing and business strategy, providing you insightful information so that you could grow the China business with confidence.

Market assessment

We provide estimation for your target market sizing; identify local competitors and their tactics; and recommend on the business impact from ever-changing China law and regulation 

customer insight

We help you to gain insight on your target Chinese customers; who they are, what their digital behaviors are, what their lifestyle and preferences are, and the best tactic to market to them

digital branding

Chinese branding is more than just translation. We localize your concept and context, taking into consideration of local culture sensitivity, and SWOT analysis to help your brand appealing to the right target audiences

channel engagement

"Is little red book (Xiao Hong Shu, 小红书)a good channel to be on?"; "Should I have my own eCommerce site?"; "How do I attract visitors?" - We help you to identify the right channels and how to engage your target

Incorporating insights from China experts to avoid pitfalls

Sometimes, even you have all information in hands is just now enough, especially for complex market as China. You could book a session with our panel experts online to get a quick answer, or let our consultant find one for you

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  • China Branding

  • China eCommerce

  • WeChat Marketing

  • IP Protection in China

  • and More to come soon

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