We believe: 

No matter how small your business is, you can expand to China like fortune 500s do!

Why Promo2Asia

6 reasons that make us different

 Senior executives on-demand consulting to share insight


Cross-border marketing and eCommerce enable direct-to-China



Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) model, transparent in deliverable

Affordable monthly plans that keep your starting costs low


Technology empowered business intelligence for timely updates


Agile-approach resource planning to expedite project launch


Seasonal founder with hands-on China digital experiences

The founder of Promo2China, Peggy Kuo, is a seasonal executive with over 18 years of hands-on experiences managing digital marketing and business across Asia and China. She is also a professional consultant with qualification as PMC (Practicing Management Consultant), which is recognized and endorsed by international consulting community (ISO /IEC 17024) and by Singapore government. Peggy is passionated at helping SMEs to venturing into China with positive business results. 


Learn more about Peggy Kuo here:

Peggy Kuo linkedin

Our Expert Team

Senior executives with rich China experiences guiding your venture

Our panel experts are senior executives with hands-on experiences in China across eCommerce, data science, media, digital marketing, and consumer-focus services. Some of them are Promo2China's Advisors, too! Now you could book a one-on-one consulting session with them to gain invaluable insight and learn from their experiences. 

We welcome senior managers or executives who have extensive China experiences to join our panel experts.

Fang Chang_edited.png

Fang Chang

30+ years in greater China TV, broadcasting, media industry. Formal chairman of Discovery Channel for Greater China. Promo2China Advisor

James Wong.jpeg

James Wong

25+ years in China branding, IP licensing, digital marketing, eCommerce management. Promo2China Advisor.


Stanley Gu

6+ years of hands-on experiences in CHina social media marketing, Baidu SEO / SEM, KOL, Ad network

James Shen.jpeg

James Shen

8+ years of hands-on experiences in China digital marketing, digital asset development, and digital business