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Reach to Chinese Customers Online
- in just a few clicks

Subscribe to our cross border China eComm or marketing plans and start selling.  No local office required, low starting costs, ideal for small business.  

China Digital Marketing Made Easy

We cater to your needs in simple packages, with Chinese-speaking customer support, so you can focus on growing your business in China

Talk to China Experts

Book online to talk to our China experts and gain insight about China business

Build Chinese Sites

Baidu-friendly Chinese brand sites comparable with mobile and WeChat

China Marketing

Cost-effective viral marketing plan to drive traffic and followers to your China social media


Professional Consulting. Insightful Expertise

China is a complex market and require experts to guide you - now you can get professional consulting service with affordable pricing

Talk to a China expert to gain insight

"What is WeChat?", "How to launch my brand in China?" Talk to our experts online to get your start! Choose from 30-min or 60-min session. 

Download China Insight Guides

"What is the new China eCommerce law and the impact?", "How do I apply an overseas WeChat service account myself?". We provide the insight reports with step-by-step guides that help you to get on the right track

Customized China Consulting

We can provide a 360-degree go-to-China digital marketing strategy and planning that is tailored to your service or products, including a full view of China market assessment, competitor analysis, digital marketing tactics and channel planning.

Cross Border WeChat e-Shop

Now you can sell into China, have your own WeChat account, collect payment from China - without the hassle of setting up a local operation in China

Brand WeChat Account

Apply for your own WeChat account (Universal WeChat) with functions just like domestic WeChat services in China

Cross Border Payment

Get paid into your home country bank account directly from China sales. Just like other international eCommerce business operation

Chinese Friendly Design

We help you to design a Chinese-friendly WeChat e-shop, product pages, with Chinese UX appealing format such as digital panels

Chinese Customer Support

No Chinese-speaking staff? Don't worry, we provide 1st-line Chinese-speaking customer support to help your buys completing the orders

Cross Border WeChat Marketing

100% ownership of your own WeChat service account and market to Chinese with ease, even without a China-local company

Overseas WeChat Service Account

Foreign company can now apply an overseas WeChat Service Account by using your own foreign legal entity, without the need to engaging a China-local company for application.  

WeChat Viral Marketing

We design package services to focus on driving traffic and followers, beyond just content marketing on WeChat

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